contractor management system

Avetta Connect™
Contractor Management Software

contractor management system

contractor management system software

Award-winning platform that enables clients to quickly identify compliant suppliers, track their information over time, stay on top of new regulations, and more.


Avetta Connect™ helps CPOs make better procurement decisions by providing them visibility on contractor safety standards and their overall track record. It offers a convenient and easy solution to identify and hire prequalified suppliers, train contract workers before they arrive on-site, evaluate contractor performance, and improve visibility and control of the supply chain. By streamlining the contractor management process and ensuring that they adhere to internal company benchmarks, CPOs can eliminate hidden supply chain gaps and induct the right contractors at the right time at the right cost.

Key Features of Avetta’s World-Class
Contractor Management Software:

Access from Anywhere

Access all contractor prequalification information, safety statistics, and client-specific metrics in one place anytime, anywhere

Customizable Dashboard

Quickly access information and view different aspects of your supply chain at a glance

Multi-Language Support

Enable seamless communication of compliance requirements across global suppliers

Track Compliance

Easily see how your contractors and suppliers are performing against your compliance and regulatory requirements

Easy Integration

Easily integrates with multiple software platforms including ERP, vendor management and purchasing systems

Avetta Connect™
Contractor Management Solution:

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With Avetta’s world-class contractor management software, companies can enjoy a range of benefits such as:

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