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Your source of
truth for supply
chain performance

analytics 2.0

Better Decision-Making

Make smarter decisions faster with predictive capabilities and automated distribution of key reports and dashboards.


Deeper Insight

Dig deep or view the big picture with intuitive visualizations and the ability to build your own analytical tools. 


Increased Agility

Get answers when you need them with a powerful self-service interface that’s quickly customizable. 


Higher Performance

Measure so you can improve. Identify issues by combining your own data with a decade of benchmarking data. 

An analytics platform where simplicity meets power

If Suppliers provide it,
you can visualize it

Customize your view

Create at-a-glance views of the  KPIs most important to you. 

Compliance and insurance status
Supplier responses to sustainability initiatives
Worker level trainings and qualifications
Incident rate reductions

Get the free risk assessment from Avetta

Is there hidden risk in your supply chain?

Get the free risk assessment from Avetta.

Tools for decision makers and data obsessives


Avetta’s templated reports are the result of almost two decades of customer feedback

Essential reports, built in for immediate insight

Incorporating best practices in supply chain reporting, built-in templates ensure the insights start flowing on day one.


Make reporting your own with quick, drag-and-drop adjustments

When you’re ready to customize your reports, the visual interface makes it easy

It’s easy to add new functionality into reports, visualizations, and dashboards. You can even extend datasets to yield a broader range of insights.

Connect Invision

Enjoy total control and build analytics from the ground up

Prefer to start from scratch? The Analytics Builder makes it straightforward

Easy-to-use tools enable you to explore your data on your own terms.

Avetta Business Analysts

Simplify reporting periods by reducing manual effort

Save time building reports and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks

Avetta Connect™ can automatically generate and send reports to key stakeholders each week, month, or period of your choice.

Report Templates Tab image

Case Study

CEMEX UK Leverages Avetta to Identify and Maximize Use of Compliant Suppliers

CEMEX UK utilized a time-consuming, paper-based supplier performance monitoring system. It was deployed across multiple business units and required day-to-day attention taking up valuable resources. The company can now identify concerns faster, and work closely with suppliers in need of assistance.


Engagement with Avetta significantly improved our interaction with suppliers in three main areas: monitoring, measuring and evaluation. The improved reporting and accelerated escalation processes allow us to drive better performance across multiple business units.”

Daniel Panormo, Procurement Director, CEMEX UK

Accomplish even more with our Business Analysts

Avetta’s Business Analysts combine data intelligence expertise with unparalleled platform knowledge – making them a valuable resource for your toughest questions.

Avetta Business Analysts
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