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Employee-Level Verification for
Safer Work Sites

Insurance Monitoring Image

Deceased Complexity

Proactively manage risk by ensuring your company is covered and suppliers have sufficient insurance coverage.


Reduced Risk

Eliminate the heavy lifting of collecting, verifying, and monitoring supplier insurance and spend more time closing gaps.


Improved Visibility

Expose the insurance gaps that exist within your supply chain and take the necessary actions to protect your company from unnecessary risk.


Higher Peace of Mind

Leverage Avetta’s decades of experience safely and efficiently managing supplier insurance compliance.

An insurance management solution built for busy supply chains

Two decades of experience

leveraged for your benefit

Our solution doesn’t just collect insurance documents; we help you find gaps in suppliers’ policies and safeguard your supply chain as well.

COI's managed globally
COI's reviewed daily

Is there hidden risk in your supply chain?

Get the free risk assessment from Avetta.

Your suppliers' insurance coverage could change at any moment, Avetta keeps you up to date in real-time

COI Upload & Verification

With Insurance reporting and verification you get a complete picture of your supply chain’s insurance coverage

One simple location for all of your supplier information

Suppliers can easily upload their certificates of insurance (COIs) to the Avetta platform. Our insurance specialists thoroughly review all documentation and present the information so you can work with only those suppliers that are adequately insured.

Insurance Monitoring
Client-Defined Requirements

Avetta’s insurance specialists validate insurance types, limits, and specific verbiage according to your request

No two supply chains are the same, get your tailored solution

Define your specific insurance requirements for each site, job, and supplier type. Avetta provides protection for your unique combination of risk tolerance and supplier risk levels.

Insurance Monitoring
Automatic Results

The Avetta solution takes care of sending out notices to all relevant stakeholders when insurance is about to expire, including suppliers

Never get caught off guard on insurance changes again

The Avetta solution automatically notifies our clients of changes in suppliers’ insurance status. It also alerts suppliers when their insurance is about to expire or when clients change their insurance requirements.

On-Going Support

Get answers to all of your insurance questions, with Avetta’s supply chain experts

Combing human insight with computer intelligence

Avetta insurance experts are always available to help you define and iterate your insurance requirements. They go beyond reporting supplier insurance levels; they help suppliers find the best ways to meet your requirements and protect themselves from liability.

Help Center

Help your suppliers improve their coverage

With Marketplace, on average Suppliers lower their insurance premiums by 40% while still maintaining the same level of coverage.

Case Study

Construction Material Company Streamlines Vendor and Contract Worker Management

Before using Avetta, the company had an inefficient, manual process for collecting, reviewing and managing service providers’ and contract workers’ information.


In the past, we relied on paper certificates, and we couldn’t be certain that a supplier’s insurance was up to date. That’s a nightmare for our risk management. Today, Avetta gives us clear information that tells us where our risks are and helps us drive better partnerships with our suppliers.

Director of Procurement, Building Material Supply Company
Building Materials
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