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Companies that have leveraged the Avetta platform have lowered their incident rate on average by


Who is Avetta?

Avetta is a platform that helps clients better manage their connections with qualified contractors, suppliers and vendors. Clients join Avetta to get better visibility into their supply chain. With this service they are able to see which suppliers are compliant with their health and safety standards prior to contacts being made. When your client joins Avetta, they will request that you join as well. This ensures that everyone that works on their site with you is up to the same standards.

This system helps keep you safer with every job you complete. In fact, over the last three years, companies that have leveraged the Avetta platform have lowered their incident rate by 54%. Additionally, you will be better able to monitor and store your compliance documentation with the Avetta team.

Membership Benefits



As a supplier, you gain exposure to more than 450 hiring clients and other employment opportunities within the vast, locations-based Avetta ecosystem.


Money Savings

Through Marketplace you get instant access to dozens of discounts on products you use every day, saving you time and growing your business.



Joining the Avetta system helps you simplify the compliance process. You’ll avoid unnecessary forms, time-consuming document uploads, and costly advertising vehicles.



As an Avetta supplier, you become visible to your client, companies within our network, and hundreds of others outside of the network who want safe, reliable contractors.



From day one, you receive access to a dedicated, helpful team of representatives that will support you through each step of compliance.

The Avetta Marketplace

You work hard to stay compliant with both your client, federal, state, and sometimes local requirements – and you deserve recognition for that! That’s why we’ve created the Avetta Marketplace. This electronic shop provides you access to unparalleled discounts on the goods and services you need to drive your business forward.

Avetta suppliers have
saved as much as
on all kinds of goods
and services

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Join Avetta and receive discounts on Safety-related Services, Insurance, Safety Products and so much more. Being a part of the Avetta network has never been more valuable.

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Contractors and Suppliers Prefer Avetta Over the Competition — Here's Why

Suppliers in our system
typically spend up to

40% less

compared to competing
solution providers

Additionally, you'll spend less time becoming compliant and more time performing money-making jobs. In fact, once you upload the appropriate documents into the platform, you're able to simply manage your clients' needs in one centralized location. Completing the same requirements with multiple clients is easy and fast.


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"Avetta helped us make health and safety a priority, which resulted in business growth and competitive advantage."

Bill Wood

Director of Client Relations, Alliance Group Inc.

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