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Regulatory excellence for Energy & Utilities supply chains

Avetta understands the unique regulatory needs of those managing supply chains for Energy & Utilities companies, delivering a platform that promotes sustainable business practices. 

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How Avetta helps the Energy & Utilities industry stay on top of ever-changing regulations

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Expanding regulations meet Supply chain rigidity

There are times, when your supply chain solutions will need to change, rapidly. Under manual or outdated systems these changes can take precious time and put you at legal and reputational risk.

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Supply chain solutions that encourage adaptability

Avetta makes it easy to quickly roll out new requirements for your suppliers and contractors. Helping you to meet and beat local, regional and global standards.

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Keeping up with evolving regulations and compliance

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Regulations are always changing

The Energy & Utilities industry is heavily regulated and there’s great risk in not tracking the latest standards, which can cause headaches across the supply chain.  

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Resources are limited

It’s difficult for supply chain managers to maximize their time and resources, which takes focus away from core business needs. 

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It’s hard to identify risks early

Energy & Utilities supply chains are so complex that hidden safety issues often go unnoticed at first, resulting in costly fixes and rushed decisions down the line. 

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Sustainability and transparency are expected

Today’s consumers are intimately invested in corporate sustainability and transparency; therefore, not prioritizing them is no longer acceptable for energy companies.  


A simple solution for managing regulations and de-risking the supply chain

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A platform that tracks regulations

Avetta addresses the evolving regulatory and compliance needs of supply chains for Energy & Utilities companies, delivering software equipped with the latest standards. 

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Tools to free up resources

Our cloud-based technology facilitates modernized supply chain risk management software, allowing you to maximize your time and resources on your core business.  

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Software that spots hidden issues early

Avetta’s automated platform identifies supply chain safety risks early, so that issues can be addressed before they become costly, time-consuming problems.  

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A solution for transparency and sustainability

Now you can easily integrate sustainable practices across your supply chain with Avetta’s configurable contractor management solutions, which fosters transparency at every step.  

Find Energy & Utilities Suppliers   on the Avetta Network

The Avetta platform provides access to a roster of industry-leading professionals, vetted and verified to meet your team’s standards.  

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