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Efficient Risk Management for the Telecom Industry

With the rapid speed of innovations and new technologies transforming the Telecom industry, Avetta can help companies stay ahead of the curve with reliable and safe supply chain management. 

Avetta Industries Telecommunications

How Avetta helps Telecommunications manage risk easily and efficiently

Without Avetta

High costs and stagnant supply chain
technology improvements

Telecommunications is rapidly advancing, opening up the supply chain to new risks.

Without Avetta
With Avetta

The latest technology that evolves as you do

Avetta’s state-of-the-art technology helps Telecom organizations stay ahead by finding hidden risks and mitigating them. 

With Avetta

Transformative companies demand transformative technologies

Escalation Icon

Demand for digital is escalating

Keeping pace with new and emerging digital technologies can often force telecom companies to make significant changes to their business models – opening the door to risk mismanagement.

Skills Icon

Reskilling a workforce can create holes in supply chains

Effective talent management is as critical as risk management, yet it’s still not given a strategic priority in the telecom industry even as demand for skilled workers increases.

Improve quality

Regulating policies present new workflows

With an increasing regulatory focus being given to data protection and privacy, telecom companies are shifting resources from operations to navigate the changing policy landscape.

Portfolio Icon

Lack of efficiency in portfolio management

Pressures to maintain adequate integration planning and management processes can be overwhelming and lead to additional errors along the way.

Find Telecommunications Suppliers on the Avetta Network

The Avetta platform provides access to a roster of industry-leading professionals, vetted and verified to meet your team’s standards.

Creating stronger supply chains across the globe

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Solutions ready to help you evolve in rapidly changing landscape

Speed to market Icon

Speed to market

Carriers in the United States market are racing to capitalize on new demands, making it essential to have qualified contractors and suppliers readily available at hand. Avetta provides easy solutions to VET workers so you can get to market faster than the competition and with less risk.

Contractor Icon

Quality contractors and suppliers

The telecom industry currently has an unequal balance between project demand and skilled vendor availability. Avetta’s Connect platform quickly identifies and qualifies contractors saving you time and money sourcing.

Risk Icon

Reducing risks

Rapid changes to regulations in the industry can put a strain on an already busy supply chain. Through an easy-to-use interface, robust analytics, and data visualization, Avetta provides you the tools to secure qualified contractors and reduce worker incidents.

Improve quality

Confidence in your telecom supply chain management

Concerns about compliance and integration efforts can lead to missed game-changing opportunities. Avetta’s in-depth telecom supply chain management scorecard, based on goal-alignment, performance metrics, and a robust track record, ensures reliable operations and mitigates unforeseen errors.

Solutions Overview

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