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Securing a Risk Management Plan for the Entertainment Industry

In a sector that thrives on captivating audiences, some risk-taking is certainly essential—but still crucial to manage. Avetta offers simple management tools that reduces incidents while saving time andimproving sustainability.   

Avetta Industries Entertainment

How Avetta helps the Entertainment maintain their image by reducing risk

Without Avetta

Uncertainty and unclear contractor standards abound

Your organization has invested a lot of time into building a strong, and safe company culture. However, if your suppliers don’t hold the same standards, you could still reap the negative repercussions.

Without Avetta
With Avetta

Your company values reflected across the entire supply chain

Avetta improves supplier performance with up-to-date qualification data, automated reports, global sourcing tools, supplier assessments, and more.

With Avetta

Onset incidents can lead to real disruptions

Image is everything icon

Image is everything

With a volatile supply chain, entertainment companies have unique challenges in effectively managing risk. Any incident or negativeclaim at worksites or venues can leave damaging consequences for your business. 

occupational hazard icon

Occupational hazards are frequent

Safety and environmental success often take a backseat to other executive initiatives, opening up risk on sites. With heavy machinery or pieces often present there’s no room for negligence.  

Third Party Icon

Bearing the responsibilities for third parties

Between concerts, movies, and more, entertainment businesses work with a variety of third-party vendors. Utilizing the services of third-party providers puts companies at a greater risk of liability exposure. 

Find Entertainment Suppliers   on the Avetta Network

The Avetta platform provides access to a roster of industry-leading professionals, vetted and verified to meet your team’s standards.  

Prioritize. Plan. Preserve. 

Reputation Icon

Don’t put your reputation at risk

Our platform allows you to spend less time and resources managing your contractors and suppliers. Ensuring their licenses are up to date can limit your chance of an incident—keeping your brand reputation intact.   

Safety Icon

Ensure workers comply with safety guidelines

Reducing incidents during events or on your site is crucial for a strong brand. Through Avetta’s supply chain solutions, companies can corroborate their workers qualifications to know if they’re capable of meeting industry standards.  

Third Party Icon

Eliminate third-party liabilities

Easily verify your third-party vendors with proven contractor management solutions. With Avetta, companies can gain access to contractor and supplier information anytime, anywhere.  

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