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New Workforce by Avetta Mobile App Advances Worksite Safety and Security with Multifactor Authentication Technology

By Avetta Marketing
March 31, 2023
5 minutes

Mobile app uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to ensure only safe, compliant and trained workers get access to critical worksites

31 March 2023, Newcastle, Australia—Avetta®, the leading provider of contractor prequalification software, today announced the new Workforce by Avetta mobile app with digital ID cards that allows workers to use their smartphones to take LMS training, become compliant and access worksites securely.

With Workforce by Avetta, workers can get on-site to be safe and productive immediately. They can check their requirements, roles and training needed for specific sites and projects in the app. They no longer need to carry different worker ID cards, because the app contains their digital ID.

While Workforce by Avetta supports QR code check-in technology, QR codes can create security concerns because they do not require additional authentication methods, such as passwords or biometric scans. This means they are easy to steal, borrow, replicate, share or forge, leading to unqualified and non-compliant workers getting access to dangerous worksites.

By contrast, BLE “Bluetooth” access technology delivers encrypted, short-range communications which require the worker and device to be in proximity with multifactor authentication using techniques like passwords, biometrics and digital certificates.

‘We have moved to a world of contactless payments and digital wallets so we are bringing this security and convenance to worksite access digital ID cards’, said Taylor Allis, Avetta Chief Product Officer. ‘Workers can view their roles and competencies, take mobile LMS and induction trainings, and get access to sites all through one app. Only trained, certified and verified workers will be able to gain access to the site to safely conduct the work they are asked to perform’.

Workforce by Avetta features include:

  • Worker ID Wallet: All cards are stored on the same device and in the same app, conveniently accessible any time and any place.
  • Mobile training: Deliver mandatory training and induction materials directly to the worker’s phone to improve safety and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.
  • Increased Worker Engagement: Workers will take an active role in their compliance management, providing a convenient way to submit their compliance information and stay up to date on their training requirements.
  • Enhanced Security: Workers activate the app using 2-factor authentication, meaning only invited and authenticated workers use the app and access sites.
  • Know before you go: Workers can check whether they meet the site access requirements at home or on the go, before they travel to site. Non-compliances can be remedied before arriving at the gate.
  • A connected workforce: Broadcast messages directly to the Workforce by Avetta app. Workers are notified when new messages arrive. Workers will see all essential work messages in one location. They can filter, acknowledge, and manage their inbox.

The mobile apps link to a company's Avetta workforce management solution and is already being used by numerous businesses. For more information about Workforce by Avetta, please visit

About Avetta

The Avetta contractor prequalification SaaS platform helps clients manage supply chain risk and their contractors to become more qualified for jobs. For hiring clients in our network, we offer the world’s largest supply chain multi-risk management network to manage contractor safety, sustainability, worker competency and performance, and business and financial risk. We perform contractor prequalification and worker competency management across major industries, all over the globe, including construction, energy, facilities, high tech, manufacturing, mining and telecom.

For contractors in our network, our audit and verification services help lower their safety incidents rate by 47%. As a result, nearly 50% of members find additional job opportunities within the first year of joining. In addition, our contractors receive privileged access to the Avetta Marketplace, where dozens of partners offer exclusive discounts for business services like insurance and work gear. Avetta serves 500+ enterprise companies and 125,000+ contractors across 120+ countries.

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