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Tōtika offers a common standard and central registrar for New Zealand contractors for all health and safety pre-qualification. The Tōtika health and safety pre-qualification scheme has been developed and implemented by Construction H&S New Zealand (CHASNZ).

We are an accredited member of the Totika pre-qualification scheme.

Our pre-qualification process ensures contracting companies are qualified to work in New Zealand under the Tōtika standard developed by CHASNZ.

Assessment and pre-qualification of contractor health and safety is an important part of the procurement process, helping companies to manage their workforce, manage risk, and ensure only qualified and compliant contractors and workers are allowed on sites and projects.

One of the benefits of pre-qualifying through Avetta is our team of compliance and competency experts who are on hand to assist you with the pre-qualification process and offer expert advice on industry competency requirements.

Pre-qualification registration covers the verification of documents, updating of profile, email reminders, and access to local support teams. The cost of registration is dependent on the supplier category. Companies with ISO45001 Certification will be required to pay a nominal fee.

To complete your pre-qualification assessment with Avetta visit our pre-qualification information site site to register.

What is Totika? 

Tōtika is a cross-industry pre-qualification standard across New Zealand. It’s a fair and equitable scheme where suppliers only need to pre-qualify once instead of duplicating effort for each new client and opportunity.

Visit the Avetta pre-qualification website for more information.

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