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Why Avetta? Why Now?

As a result of consolidating 3 disparate companies, the supply chain risk management solution you are using may be changing. As you evaluate how that could impact your business, it may be time to reconsider all your options. Avetta can help!

If you decide to join Avetta now, we’ll waive all client fees for your first year. This is our way to show we’re committed to your success!

Four Reasons to Switch to Avetta Now.

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Your preferred platform may not be around long-term.


With three different solutions that do the same thing, the Veriforce, PEC and ComplyWorks organization may choose to: 1) Retain all three solutions, which each have different features and technology to learn, or 2) Consolidate the three solutions into one, which may require a long, complicated migration of your supplier base. Why not review the marketplace to make sure you have the best solution moving forward?


Many of your suppliers are already confused and overpaying.


Your suppliers may be paying for THREE different contractor management services and having to submit the same information on each platform. Supplier frustration from this can result in project delays, disrupted relationships, and increased costs. Once you join Avetta, we will work with your suppliers to make the transition to Avetta easy, simple, and most importantly, cost-effective.


Disruptive changes are coming – and some services you have will change.


When you selected your current service, you likely reviewed different options and made a distinct choice. But now you may lose preferred services and have to accept changes from platforms you didn’t choose.


Don't Overpay!


The supplier billback for three systems means you may be getting charged extra for your network. The solution is to reduce the number of networks your suppliers have to join, which can save time, money and frustration for all.

How Avetta Can Work For You

One Global Solution

Avetta provides a single platform with an extensive global footprint. We have a proven track record of effectively migrating customers from other platforms and can help you do the same.

Source of Truth
Network of 100,000+ Suppliers

Did you know, it’s likely that about 60% of your suppliers are already in the Avetta network? Making the switch to Avetta reduces fatigue on your suppliers and simplifies the process for you and your suppliers. With Avetta, you’ll have access to our network of over 100,000 contractors and suppliers.

Supplier Guidance
Commitment to Safety

We are committed to safety and clients that use our system significantly outperform industry safety averages. Each year a supplier stays in the network they average a 7-8% decline in incident rates. See why Avetta is the suppliers’ choice.


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We're committed to your success. That's why we're willing to waive all client fees for the first year.


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