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Analyze Data

Make better supply chain decisions with timely insights from avetta analytics.


Improve Compliance

Effectively manage your supply chain compliance using Avetta’ s contractor management software.


Build Sustainability

Grow your sustainability initiatives through prequalification, auditing, insurance verification, and more.

Building the Connections that Build the World

Our global solution combines adaptive technology with industry-leading professional services and local expertise; building trustworthy bonds between leading organizations and qualifies suppliers.

The Avetta Solution

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Simple Contractor Management

With Avetta’s platform, you can easily manage your current suppliers and gain access to our network of over 90,000 prequalified suppliers.

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Actionable Data Insights

Transform your complex data into simple and quick reports so you can review insights to improve supply chain performance, function, and safety outcomes.

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Worker Management

Trusted Workers on the Job

Worker Management ensures that you only use properly qualified and trained workers. Qualification and trainings are completed online before employees begin work so your projects are started and completed faster.

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Exclusive Supplier Benefits

Through Avetta Marketplace, your suppliers get instant access to dozens of discounts on products and services (such as insurance), saving time and cutting costs.

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Build a Safer, Smarter Supply Chain with The Avetta Solution

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How to Search for a Supplier with Avetta’s Platform


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