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Webinar: Risk Tolerance - 10 Influencing Factors for Understanding Risk Acceptance
On-Demand Webinar
Risk Tolerance - 10 Influencing Factors for Understanding Risk Acceptance


Why do workers take risks? What influences our decisions on how much risk is too much? This webinar will help you answer these questions. Risk Tolerance has been found to be a factor in 38% to 52% of incidents. Our presenter, Dave Fennell, will lead us through a discussion that explores the relationship between Hazard Recognition, Risk Perception and Risk Tolerance. He will then take us through the 10 Influencing Factors of Risk Acceptance showing how to recognize each of the factors in the workplace, demonstrate the principles behind the factors and will provide tips, tools, and approaches for addressing each of the factors to reduce the acceptance of risk in your workplace.

Participants will come away from this webinar with:

  • An understanding of how our brain works when it comes to assessing risk.
  • Insights into the relationship between hazard recognition and risk tolerance.
  • Approaches to be able to identify and address each of the 10 Influencing factors of risk acceptance.
  • Guidance on how to use your current safety tools and processes to reduce risk tolerance.


Dave Fennell, CRSP, BSc, CET Retired Senior Safety Advisor Imperial Oil

He has a BSc. in Environmental Sciences, a diploma in Civil Engineering Technology and is a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP). Dave has developed approaches to safety management that have produced results that are widely recognized and have been featured in several safety management videos. He is a regular guest lecturer at the University of Alberta on Behaviour Based Safety and Human Factors in Engineering and Safety. He has presented at conferences across North America inspiring safety professionals, management and workers on safety and always creating positive changes on safety.

Dave Fennell has retired from his roles as the Senior Safety Advisor for Imperial Oil and the Senior Technical Professional for Safety for ExxonMobil after spending 34 years with the company, 29 of those in safety.