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Webinar: Prevent Safety Liability at Multi-Employer Worksites

On-Demand Webinar
Prevent Safety Liability at Multi-Employer Worksites


We have all heard about it, seen it, and perhaps experienced it. That moment when OSHA shows up and a citation is issued. Perhaps you have been the subcontractor in this scenario. Multiple companies have been left wondering what they could have done to protect themselves and their employees.

Prevent Safety Liability at Multi-Employer Worksites will arm you with the foresight to take action towards planning for the unexpected. This webinar is presented from two distinct perspectives: legal and safety management system implementation.

In this webinar you'll discover:

  • Ways you may be liable at a multi-employer worksite
  • How to minimize legal liability by separating integrated work operations
  • How to establish accountability
  • When OSHA issues multi-employer citations, and how you can be liable
  • How to choose safe and dependable contractors at multi-employer worksites



Courtney Malveaux, Esq. Principal, Jackson Lewis, P.C. Courtney Malveaux is an attorney at Jackson Lewis, P.C.

Mr. Malveaux served as Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry through October 2013 and is a Past President of the National Association of Government Labor Officials. Now Mr. Malveaux helps to shape OSHA policy as the industrial employer representative on the Virginia Safety and Health Codes Board. J.A. Rodriguez Jr., SGE, CSP CEO, Make My Day Strategies LLC J.A. Rodriguez Jr., is CEO of Make My Day Strategies LLC and a Fortune 100 Global EHS Senior Leader responsible for leading the EHS management systems of contracts valued in the tens of billions at over 500 sites in 100 countries. He is a frequent presenter at national conferences and a safety industry leader recognized twice by EHS Today Magazine as one of the “50 People Who Most Influenced EHS.”

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