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What is VettRisk?

VettRisk is a marketplace that provides suppliers quick and easy access to the world’s top commercial insurance brokers so your company can
get better coverage, satisfy clients’ insurance requirements, and get back to work as soon as possible.

Through VettRisk, you can shop for insurance policies and get expert advice from knowledgeable agents with no commitment or obligation to buy.

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Why VettRisk?

VettRisk makes it quick and easy to get the exact coverage your business needs. Save time, money and stress. Get the right type of insurance and the right amount of coverage.

less paperwork with VettRisk


lower cost of coverage with VettRisk

Cost of Coverage

faster turnaround with VettRisk


better customer service with VettRisk

Customer Service

Insurance Partners

Avetta partners with world-class insurance brokers who have access to over 35 top-rated insurance carriers.

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Willis Towers Watson
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How does it work?

Simply contact our team at 949-358-6467. We’ll connect you with participating brokers who will work with you to complete the application,
provide you quotes, and answer any questions you might have.

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Where is VettRisk available?

VettRisk is currently offered in the following U.S. States.

Vettrisk is available in these states

Is there a fee for this service?

No. VettRisk is a courtesy, value added service for Avetta suppliers, free of charge.

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You've got questions, we've got answers

What is VettRisk?
VettRisk is a marketplace that provides Avetta members a quick and easy way to get the most competitive insurance quotes from the world’s top commercial insurance brokers. There is no commitment or obligation to buy.
Why should I go through VettRisk instead of going directly to an insurance company?
As an Avetta member, going through VettRisk allows you to get priority service from our broker partners, faster quotes, better pricing, and the exact coverage you need to meet your clients’ insurance requirements so you can get back to work.
How much does VettRisk cost?
As a member of the Avetta Network, there’s no cost to you for using VettRisk; it's included as a part of your membership.
How does VettRisk help me save time on buying insurance?
VettRisk provides you with an expedited application process, quick quotes, faster COI issuance, and teams of expert insurance agents specifically dedicated to supporting Avetta members.
How does VettRisk help me meet Clients’ insurance requirements?
Through VettRisk, you’ll work with an agent who knows your industry and understands the insurance requirements of your client(s), including coverage levels, certificate holder requirements, legal clauses, and so forth. This knowledge allows them to provide your company with a quote that meets all the specific insurance needs of your clients.
How does VettRisk help me get better pricing on commercial insurance?
By going through VettRisk, your desired policy is quickly shopped across as many as 35 top-rated insurance carriers, all competing against each other for your business and driving down the cost of premiums. This marketplace approach allows you to quickly see the best deals available to you and pick the policy you like most.
I received a notification stating I need more insurance. Can VettRisk help me?
Yes. Because our team is specially trained to handle cases like yours, VettRisk is the fastest way to get both the help and coverage you need. Just reach out to us on 949-358-6467.
How do I get a quote?
Just call Avetta’s VettRisk team at 949-358-6467. A VettRisk team member will assist you and get you started on getting free quotes.