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Risk Management in Logistics and Transport Firms

Avetta delivers a single platform where you can control procedures, minimize risk, pass tough audits and protect your company’s reputation. 

Avetta Industries - Transportation

How using Avetta for risk management in the Transportation and Logistics industry increases safety

Without Avetta

Labour shortages and
Risk stay unresolved.

You’re tasked to keep pace with the competition, but without the tools to do it right, you could be hiring unsafe, unskilled workers that hurt brand reputation in the end.

Without Avetta
With Avetta

Supply chains source the
safest and most reliable vendors.

Avetta’s global network of 100K+ suppliers makes it easy to source new suppliers. And when you’re ready to expand to global markets, we’re there to help by keeping your standards consistent among all workers.

With Avetta

Moving passengers and goods is always a risk

Procurement Icon

Movement has built-in risk.

Transportation & Logistics pros know that moving anything from one location to another – safely – creates a new level of risk, which can be a nightmare with antiquated solutions.


Reputation is everything.

Even when an incident is a contractor’s fault, it’s the Transportation firm that ultimately hits the national headlines, which can damage a reputation beyond repair.

Goals Icon

A “no harm goal” can be a lofty one.

Companies can market their “no harm goal” campaign all day long, but attaining that goal is another thing, especially without proactive and sustainable supply chain risk management.

Audit Icon

Audits and labor costs threaten the bottom line.

Transportation & Logistics companies are always at risk of government audits, operational disruption and labor costs affecting the supply chain.

Risk Assessment

Is there hidden risk in your supply chain? 

Get a free risk assessment from Avetta. 

A solution that protects people, goods, vehicles, contractors, and reputations

Distribution Icon

Tools for de-risking transportation logistics

Avetta’s supply chain Transportation and Logistics management helps companies safely move passengers and freight, thanks to our proactive supply chain risk management solution. 


A platform that helps protect your reputation

Avoid the bad headlines with software that ensures safety and sustainability on the roads; it starts by placing skilled contractors in their proper roles. 

Improve quality

Achieve your “no harm goal” 

Avetta’s intelligent health and safety offering delivers the tools to help you attain a “no harm goal” by predictively stopping incidents before they happen.  

Software Icon

A solution to mitigate audits and disruption

Our supply chain risk management software helps Transportation companies dramatically reduce labor costs, supply chain disruption, and failed audits. 

Avetta Network background image

Find Transportation & Logistics Suppliers on the Avetta Network

The Avetta platform provides access to a roster of industry-leading professionals, vetted and verified to meet your team’s standards.

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