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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to questions about who Avetta is and what we do, why you have been asked to register with us, what you can expect, and much more.

Why was I asked to register?

Your client considers you an integral member of their supply chain. In order to keep you and everyone else they work with safer, they are partnering with Avetta to ensure each supplier is in compliance with their health and safety standards. As one of their selected suppliers they have requested that your company register.

By registering, you not only keep your company in compliance but also will remain one of the preferred vendors for your client. Additionally, becoming a member of the Avetta network helps you become eligible to receive more work from both current and new clients and new within Avetta platform.

We were never asked to do this before, why now?

As supply chains become increasingly complex, companies need a more streamlined way to maintain safety standards across all of their channels. Adoption of the Avetta system makes tracking these standards easier and less time consuming for both you and your clients. Your client is currently in the process of transitioning into this platform and requests that you do the same. This will ensure that you continue to be a preferred vendor in their supply chain network.

How can I find out the cost of registration?

The best way to identify the cost of registration, is to start Avetta’s non-obligatory registration. The cost and requirements are based on multiple variables, such as types of services provided, level of onsite exposure, and the number of clients you work with in the Avetta platform.

Should I pay for this program? I don’t think this applies to me…

Adoption of the Avetta system applies to all contractors and suppliers who want to continue to work with the client joining Avetta.

Additionally, being a member of the Avetta network gives you access to unique benefits unavailable elsewhere. These include exclusive discounts on products and services you already use, such as PPE, insurance, trainings and more. It also includes increased visibility to clients both inside and outside of Avetta.

If you have further questions regarding your client’s requirement to register, please reach out to our Registrations Team (contact info below) or your typical contact at your client’s company.

What does Avetta provide to my company?

The Avetta platform is designed with both you and your client in mind. Our compliance specialists will work one on one with you through the process to ensure that your safety standards are sufficient for your client and many other regulatory standards as well. Our full staff of certified safety professionals, help guide suppliers, like you, in developing your own robust safety manual via templates and safety programs.

Once registered, you’ll have an increased exposure to more clients and employment opportunities within the vast, location-based Avetta ecosystem. Clients outside of the network will also be able to search for you on our “Find Qualified Contractors” tool. Additionally, Avetta will showcase the quality of your unique offerings relative to your competitors. All of these tools are meant to help grow your business with safe and quality clients.

Lastly, suppliers who have an active account in the Avetta network get access to the Marketplace, which includes exclusive discounts on things such as PPE, Professional Services, Insurance, and much more. In fact, some suppliers have saved as much as $10,000 utilizing deals in the Avetta Marketplace.

What sort of documents will I be asked to submit to Avetta?

Avetta’s focus is strictly on safety and insurance. The documents that will be collected are based on the types of services you provide. Additionally, we will only focus on what is applicable to your industry.

How do I find other clients in Avetta/Who are the other clients?

During registration you will be able to see a full list of our clients. Once registered you can find clients by location. Some of our larger clients, like, Exxon Mobile, Verizon, and Honeywell, are listed by industry on our website.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the Avetta process?

For assistance with any part of your registration, account, steps to becoming compliant, or any other topic, please reach out using the contact information listed for your region by visiting our Contact page.

Do you have a resource center where I can find more information on my own?

Yes, we have a vast library of information in our Help Center. From Quick Start Guides to comprehensive manuals and videos, we’ve got it. Our Help Center is a robust knowledge base designed to provide easy access to all the information you need to succeed.