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Avetta Helps Leading Energy Infrastructure Service Provider Streamline Compliance Management

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22+ Years


Power, Pipeline, Utilities, Oilfield


Pipeline integrity, Vegetation management



West Country Energy Services (WCES) is a leading energy infrastructure service provider headquartered in Alberta, North America with over 20 years of industry experience and bases throughout Western Canada. The company initially offered vegetation management services and has since expanded to include pipeline inspections, leak detection, fugitive emissions management surveys, and energy AI in its service portfolio. With a team of more than 130 skilled employees, WCES believes in leveraging innovation to improve its processes and productivity for sustainable success.


Business Challenges

Before starting its journey with Avetta, WCES struggled to maintain compliance with clients’ regulatory and safety standards. Their key challenge was ensuring they had all the required documentation (safety manuals, safe work procedures, H&S Policies, WCB information, and liability insurance) in place to meet their clients’ complex business requirements. In search of a solution, the company sought a platform that would not only allow them to easily provide accurate information to their clients but also help them to track and analyze statistics related to compliance.

Avetta Solutions Delivered

WCES started its Avetta journey in 2011 to make its operations safer, more reliable, and more efficient. To address its key challenges, Avetta provided WCES with a comprehensive compliance management platform that could simplify access to compliance-related information, streamline compliance status monitoring, and facilitate real-time fulfillment of compliance responsibilities. The offerings also included policy management, risk assessments, audit management, reporting, and other such features designed to demonstrate WCES’ commitment to meeting evolving compliance needs of its clients.


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Benefits Experienced

Since joining Avetta, WCES has observed substantial improvements in its operations. Using Avetta’s user-friendly compliance management platform, WCES could digitize the handling of client documentation and statistical information. This made tracking, documenting, and demonstrating compliance with clients’ policies and requirements more transparent and efficient. And that’s not all, the Avetta network turned out to be a valuable asset to WCES providing it with new opportunities for business expansion and disruption-ready growth. Powered by Avetta’s consistent expert support and innovative solutions, WCES has enhanced its health and safety program, fostered effective communication, decreased the injury rate, and significantly improved time management.

“Avetta is the most user-friendly pre-qualifying platform. Its navigation is simple, and adding documentation and running reports is convenient. In the rare event of an issue, customer support is always available and willing to help with any questions. ”

—Terri Fraser Health & Safety Manager, West Country Energy


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