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Thanks to our partnership with the company that introduced us to Avetta, we’ve witnessed remarkable growth that has set us on a course to achieve nearly a 30% revenue increase in 2023. Furthermore, we’ve had the opportunity to serve several prominent companies with whom we had no prior business dealings before joining the network. ”

— Angeline Schell, CEO, Rotterdam Lot Cleaners LLC

4 years


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Rotterdam Lot Cleaners LLC, based in Rotterdam, New York, is a premier provider of eco-friendly cleaning services, catering to upscale businesses such as investment firms, law firms, engineering firms, and technology companies. Their procedures improve staff productivity and client interactions while effectively reducing allergy and health risks in a manner that aligns with LEED and MTC02 reporting goals. Their commitment to immaculate cleaning and environmental integrity has positioned them as a leading choice for clients seeking pristine work environments.

Business Challenges

Rotterdam Lot Cleaners sought to enhance their compliance management and safety standards as they scaled their operations. Rotterdam Lot Cleaners faced challenges in managing compliance effectively, particularly in the realm of safety standards. As their business expanded, ensuring compliance, connecting with potential clients, and streamlining their safety program became increasingly complex.

Avetta Solutions Delivered


In their quest for a robust compliance management solution, Rotterdam Lot Cleaners turned to Avetta. Despite initial reservations, the company recognized the potential benefits of Avetta’s services and invested time in understanding and integrating the platform into their operations. Avetta simplified compliance management by providing a clear outline of individual client requirements and offering a structured approach to compliance. With the guidance of Avetta representatives, Rotterdam Lot Cleaners seamlessly onboarded onto the Avetta network. They efficiently uploaded required documents and certificates, using Avetta’s invaluable templates that streamlined the qualification process. Avetta played a pivotal role in establishing and executing a comprehensive safety program, ensuring Rotterdam Lot Cleaners surpassed industry standards.

Benefits Experienced

The benefits Rotterdam Lot Cleaners have gained from using Avetta include:

Enhanced safety standards

Avetta equipped Rotterdam Lot Cleaners with valuable tools and templates, contributing to the establishment of a robust safety program, exceeding industry standards and ensuring the well-being of their team.

Time and resource savings

Avetta’s efficiency in compliance management saved Rotterdam Lot Cleaners valuable time and resources, enabling them to focus on core business activities and growth strategies.

Access to new opportunities

Avetta’s network facilitated connections with major corporations, leading to collaborations and business opportunities that significantly contributed to the company’s growth.

Streamlined compliance

Avetta’s network facilitated connections with major corporations, leading to collaborations and business opportunities that significantly contributed to the company’s growth.


Rotterdam Lot Cleaners’ partnership with Avetta not only streamlined their compliance management but also opened doors to new business opportunities and collaborations. The efficiency and effectiveness of Avetta’s platform have made it an indispensable asset, enabling Rotterdam Lot Cleaners to focus on delivering exceptional cleaning services while upholding the highest safety and compliance standards in the industry.


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