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OMNISOLAR is a prominent utility-scale renewable energy expert and asset manager based in Australia. One of Queensland’s first renewables companies, OMNISOLAR has brought more than 4 gigawatts of renewable energy online and has now established itself as Australia’s operation and maintenance (O&M) specialist for large-scale solar, having worked with major industry players and gained widespread recognition for its expertise.

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Before starting its journey with Avetta in 2022, one of the biggest challenges OMNISOLAR faced was achieving international compliance to secure a major contract. Meeting the complex compliance requirements of these clients, including having a minimum insurance coverage of 20 million, was a daunting task for the company.

Avetta Solutions Delivered

To address these challenges, OMNISOLAR turned to Avetta, a comprehensive compliance management platform. Although Avetta’s solution initially seemed complex, the company recognized the benefits and decided to invest time in understanding and utilizing Avetta’s services. Avetta simplified compliance management by clearly outlining individual client requirements and providing a structured approach to compliance. OMNISOLAR integrated Avetta into its business structure, making it a pivotal part of their operations.


Avetta proved to be an all-in-one solution for OMNISOLAR. Avetta has provided cost-effective compliance management, eliminating the need to hire personnel for research and compliance checks, which would have cost a lot more than the annual premium OMNISOLAR pays. The platform’s simple reminder system for compliance deadlines and policy renewals ensured OMNISOLAR remained compliant at all times. As a result, the company secured several large contracts with councils and organizations, bolstering its reputation in the solar industry. Avetta also enabled OMNISOLAR to explore government grant opportunities and secure contracts with governmental and council bodies, all thanks to their Avetta compliance status.

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Invest in Avetta and ensure your company is compliant today. Don’t pretend you know compliance, go to the experts who absolutely know!

- Troy Devine, Managing Director, OMNISOLAR


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