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Customer Success Stories

browns 25yr.

“Avetta has helped instill confidence in our customers by assuring them that our policies have gone through a thorough comprehensive vetting process that meets or exceeds their standards. This has created trust in our reliability. ”

— Caterina Silvestri, Manager, Training & Compliance, Brown’s Fuels

18+ years


Transportation/ Logistics


Fleet Refueling



Brown’s Fuels is a locally owned, Ontario, Canada-based business that specializes in the delivery of fuels for commercial businesses and residential homes throughout the golden horseshoe area.

Since 1997, Brown’s Fuels has been supplying homes and businesses with the fuel they need to keep their homes warm and their equipment rolling. A large part of Brown’s Fuels success comes from understanding that old- fashioned values are still important. By building trust through on-time deliveries and having a real person answer every call, customers value the service they receive.

Business Challenges

Brown’s Fuels was having trouble with manual processes, emails, and paperwork. Information was not stored all in one specific place, and people needed to have access to multiple files and locations to gather all the information required.


Avetta Solutions Delivered


Brown’s Fuels turned to Avetta to streamline its backend and document control processes. Avetta’s platform not only simplified their compliance management but also helped maintain their compliance and information while continuing to adhere to their customers’ standards, allowing them to deliver the highest-quality service possible.

“The Avetta notifications are helpful to stay on track and remain compliant, ensuring we never miss a step when it comes to safety, ” said Caterina Silvestri, Manager, Training & Compliance, Brown’s Fuels. “This takes some of the pressure off having to remember deadlines or when updates are due. Avetta will let you know if something is missing so corrective action can be taken right away.”


Silvestri added that they also appreciated Avetta’s top-notch customer service.


“Avetta has a large team of subject matter experts readily available to help you with any questions and guide you along the way, ” she said. “Customers and other contractors appreciate our Avetta verification, as it assures them of our commitment to safety, security and upholding our standards.



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