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Avetta’s simple supply chain integration service works with your established processes to easily organize data, gain enhanced visibility, and make better business decisions. See how you can integrate with multiple systems through our cutting-edge API.

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Avetta’s Integration Services Connect Your Data

Your business has multiple systems that help your company grow. Unlock the power of your internal ecosystem by enriching other solutions with Avetta’s supplier qualification data. Avetta’s easy-to-use integration makes communication across your systems a breeze and empowers you to make better decisions.


Easy to Implement

Rest API standard protocol architecture makes data easy to access and integration easy to implement.



Our pull-only integration and API key authentication offer a secure way to connect Avetta’s supplier data to existing systems.



Avetta uses open APIs based on industry standards so it’s easy to integrate with a variety of systems and endpoints.

Why Integrate Your Systems?

Making essential decisions on outdated data can have terrible consequences. Old data can hide gaps and compliance issues. By integrating Avetta with various systems or components of your organization you enable them to work together as a whole. Now your systems can streamline the flow and quality of information to ensure you are well-informed and base your decisions on proper data.

Streamlined Procurement Process Illustration

Streamlined Procurement Process

Get the information you need to make purchasing decisions without having to log into different systems. Avetta’s supplier compliance data is automatically visible in procurement, ERP, and CRM systems for an efficient process.

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Enhanced Visibility

EHS, Procurement, Risk Management, and Operations can make better business decisions with unified supplier compliance data at their fingertips.

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Improved Enforcement

Ensure suppliers are held accountable by sharing compliance data with the people in your organization who need it to enforce your company’s standards.

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How Does It Work?

Make better business decisions across your entire organization with Avetta’s secure API. This easy-to-use API is built on the industry standard REST protocol and secured using unique authentication keys and SHA-256 encryption. By calling the API, customers can view Avetta’s supplier pre-qualification data in other systems such as a CRM, ERP, vendor management or reporting applications. Avetta prequalification data could include:


Existing Integrations

Avetta can integrate with virtually any system through our modern and practical API. Our clients have integrated Avetta with the following systems:

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Solution Spotlight


Automated Risk Mitigation

Data collected via the Avetta API is brought into KGPCo’s automation system, BluEdge, and prevents purchase order (‘PO’) creation for suppliers that are not compliant with industry or company safety metrics. The data is refreshed daily and the integration allows users to visually depict suppliers Avetta status (Red, Yellow, Green). POs can only be created for “Green” or “Yellow” flagged suppliers, based on KGPCo's business rules.

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"The greatest benefit of the Avetta API is simple: Automated Risk Mitigation. We are able to prevent continued use of suppliers that are non-compliant with our business rules, based on the daily feeds from the Avetta platform"

Director of Strategic Sourcing,

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