Supplier Audit Services

Avetta’s supplier quality audit services allow you to develop and maintain a comprehensive risk profile of your suppliers. Gain insights into the safety and sustainability of your suppliers and minimize risk exposure.

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What is a Supplier Quality Audit?

You’ve prequalified your suppliers, now it’s time to audit their implementation. The purpose of a supplier audit is to identify any differences between the expected performance and the actual performance of your suppliers. Do they have the proper policies and procedures in place, and are they being actively applied? Do their employees follow established procedures? Avetta’s supplier audit services provide visibility of how your suppliers are executing important safety procedures, and what they're doing to prevent future incidents.

With a more complete risk profile of your suppliers, you can manage risk with confidence and protect your brand.


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Policies and Procedures

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Employee Execution


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Supplier Auditing Services

A supplier audit is the best way to get immediate insights into how suppliers execute safety and sustainability procedures. Our supplier audit checklist includes thorough reviews of employee manuals, training logs, on-site implementation, and sustainability practices. Custom audits can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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Company Safety
Manual Audits

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Custom Audits

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Sustainability Evaluations

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Field Audits

Why Supplier Audit Services are Important

The scope of a supplier audit gives you complete visibility within your supply chain that you wouldn’t get from the standard prequalification processes. Auditing suppliers helps identify and address potential areas of risk and other hard-to-see factors such as gaps in supplier quality. They help identify causes of nonconformances and delays, ensuring your supply chain is up to date on changes in safety protocols and engineering processes. You can use a supplier audit to make sure your quality standards are being met every time, which protects your hard-earned brand reputation.

What are the business impacts of Supplier Quality Audits? 

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Develop Stronger Supplier Communication
  • Develop a More Streamline Supply Chain
  • Accurately Calculate Costs and Find Insights for Reducing Them
  • Find Areas Where Your Suppliers Can Improve

  • Ensure Quality Standards are Met
  • Get Visibility on Outsourcing by Suppliers
  • Greatly Reduce the Need to Monitor Suppliers
  • Ensure the Financial Stability of Your Suppliers

The Supplier Audit Checklist

Supplier quality audits have the ability to inspire real improvements if they are done correctly. In fact, it’s one of the most impactful actions an organization can take to motivate change in their supply chain. In order to best leverage supply chain audits you should follow our supplier audit checklist and ensure that they have the following features: professional guidance and support, audit reports and comprehensive recommendations. Avetta’s audit program incorporates all three of these– further developing your supplier quality and compliance.

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Supplier Audit Reports

Get comprehensive reports with detailed written and photographed accounts of positive safety and sustainability practices as well as opportunities for improvement. Performance is measured with an easy-to-understand scoring system by Avetta’s seasoned safety and sustainability professionals.

Supplier Audits

Comprehensive Recommendations

In addition to audit reports, suppliers receive detailed recommendations on how to improve their performance where gaps have been identified. Avetta’s audit professionals empower suppliers to implement improvements with guidance on best-practices and sample policies and procedures.


Why Supplier Benefits are Important

Risk Management

Use supplier evaluation audits to reduce risk by working with only suppliers that have a proven aptitude for preventing costly incidents.

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Health & Safety

Let Avetta do the heavy lifting of collecting and verifying prequalification information so you can focus on addressing deficiencies.

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Contractor Management

Alleviate the administrative burden of prequalifying suppliers and focus on building and managing fruitful relationships with suppliers.

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Streamline the procurement process with all prequalification information housed in one platform.

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Simplify the enforcement of internal and external compliance requirements throughout your entire supply chain.

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Corporate And Social Responsibility

Show your commitment to corporate social responsibility by aligning your supply chain to your standards.

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