Supplier Prequalification

Supplier prequalification is time-intensive and burdensome for your team. Avetta software simplifies the vendor prequalification process by organizing and keeping complex documentation up to date, accurate, and available at any time.

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What is Supplier Prequalification?

The supplier prequalification process is an important first step to managing supply chain risk. But collecting all the right documentation, verifying the data, and managing the process for a large number of suppliers is both complicated and costly. When you work with Avetta, our team of professionals does all the heavy lifting. We’ll streamline your supplier qualification process, saving you time and money.


Manual Supplier Prequalification

Supplier Prequalification without Avetta

Procurement Bottleneck

Little Visibility

Heavy Burden


Supplier Prequalification with Avetta

Supplier Prequalification

Easy Document Collection

Full Visibility

Better, Faster Procurement Decisions

What Is Supplier Prequalification?

The supplier prequalification process involves the screening of any current and potential suppliers or vendors to ensure all compliance and regulatory requirements are active and up to date. Other benefits that come with supplier prequalification include improved safety of workers, a greatly decreased risk of being found noncompliant, increased visibility into your supply chain, and a savings of time and money on administrative tasks.

The supplier prequalification process includes defining your own compliance criteria and relevant performance indicators for each site and type of work, collecting and verifying documentation, and identifying gaps to help you make better procurement decisions and give you a stronger, more aligned supply chain.

Collection and Verification Illustration

Collection and Verification

Don’t let your supplier prequalification process be a bottleneck in your procurement process. Let Avetta’s safety and sustainability experts do the heavy lifting of collecting and verifying documentation so you can direct resources toward growing your business.

Client-Defined Qualification Illustration

Client-Defined Qualification

Our solution is flexible and configurable to meet your specific needs. It allows you to define your own compliance criteria and quickly see which suppliers are qualified, which are not, and why. Different criteria can be set for each site and type of work.

Single Source of Truth Illustration

Single Source of Truth

Empower your entire organization to make better procurement decisions. Risk management, contractor management, health & safety, operations, and procurement departments can use a single system with access to the same supplier prequalification information.

Supplier Guidance Illustration

Supplier Guidance

Avetta goes beyond taking a snapshot of your supply chain. Our safety and sustainability experts guide your suppliers to close any identified gaps, giving you a stronger, more aligned supply chain.

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Avetta Cost Savings Calculator

Compare your Contractor Costs with Industry Benchmarks

Avetta Cost Savings Calculator


Avetta definitely saves us time and money in terms of sourcing great suppliers. We were looking for a rigging contractor, so I went on the Avetta site and found somebody that was local. They were already green flagged, so we hired them and we continue to use them to this day.

Supplier Prequalification Benefits Your Entire Organization

Risk Management

Reduce risk by working with only the safest, most sustainable suppliers for a stronger, more stable supply chain.

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Health & Safety

Let Avetta do the heavy lifting of collecting and verifying prequalification information so you can focus on addressing deficiencies.

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Contractor Management

Alleviate the administrative burden of prequalifying suppliers and focus on building and managing fruitful relationships with suppliers.

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Streamline the procurement process with all prequalification information housed in one platform.

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Simplify the enforcement of internal and external compliance requirements throughout your entire supply chain.

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Corporate And Social Responsibility

Show your commitment to corporate social responsibility by aligning your supply chain to your standards.

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