What is eWebOQ

An online training platform that helps your workforce adhere to constantly changing regulations and standards. Easily assign courses, training, certification requirements, and compliance tasks for your workers using eWebOQ and Avetta’s Worker Management solution. Monitor task completions and employee profiles from a single, easy-to-use platform.

Take the Work out of Qualifying Your Workforce


Adhere to Regulatory Requirements

Strong OQ programs gives you the confidence to expand your workforce, meet deadlines and take on new work.


Reduce Safety Concerns

Online tracking systems provide assurance that your workforce is ready and able to accomplish any required tasks.


Leverage Your Hidden Assets

Well-trained and qualified workers play an intrinsic role in creating a well-performing business with an improved bottom line.

Why eWebOQ?

20 years ago, while the rest of providers were still struggling with paper systems, the founders of eWebOQ revolutionized operator qualification management utilizing an online knowledge course delivery system and LMS platform. 

Over that time, they’ve grown with: 




active users

More than

2 million

courses taken

API & ASME task-specific courses


general industry and
equipment topics

In it, not only are courses tracked, but every supplier requirement, down to the individual worker, is recorded.
What’s more, each online, self-paced course is written to directly match ASME B31Q or API RP1161 and any additional company-specific requirements can easily be added to satisfy your unique program.

Mainstream Solution Loopholes

Mainstream Solution Loopholes

Maintains excessive control over crucial information

Authorized screening performed on the backend puts stakeholders in a reactionary position

Lack of task-specific training

Paper based with limited advancement

No control over evaluator quality


eWebOQ Advantage

eWebOQ Advantage

Open channels of communication built to mitigate risk

Highly vetted authorizers are constantly trained and audited

Comprehensive training for ASME B31Q and API RP1161 tasks

Technology driven – Online, interactive and self-paced courses

Thoroughly vetted and Authorized evaluators

What is the Authorized Evaluator Program?

eWebOQ Authorized Evaluator Program

The pipeline industry needs evaluators who are qualified, trustworthy and knowledgeable. After all, they serve as the last line of defense in determining that operators have the best employees tasked with the most important jobs.

eWebOQ comes with an Authorized Evaluator Program which ensures that our evaluators are rigorously vetted and trained. eWebOQ Authorized evaluators are only authorized to undertake evaluations on tasks in which they have demonstrated capabilities. The solution determines evaluator roles by combining rigorous vetting and stringent performance evaluations.

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Your Quality Operator Qualification Provider

Authorized Evaluator Slick
Authorized Evaluator Slick

Authorized Evaluator


  • Jim is a walking encyclopedia of OQ knowledge so it was really nice to have somebody to bounce ideas off of.

  • eWebOQ has opened up and blossomed our training efforts to not only our own employees but also to our subcontractors.

  • The benefit of eWebOQ is that the trainings are built around our company, our culture, our procedures. It’s not the minimal standard, off the shelf style training.

  • What I really enjoy about the eWebOQ team is that they are innovative. If you bring them an idea they will work with it and the sky is the limit.

  • It’s been a great success for Universal Pegasus, our culture within our organization, as well with our subcontractors

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