Avetta’s supply chain solution and analytics software gives you answers to the most important questions about your supply chain. Spend less time collecting data and more time understanding where effective change is needed.

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What is the Role of Supply Chain Analytics?

When it comes to ensuring business continuity from your supply chain, decisions need to be made quickly. Avetta Analytics puts you in the driver’s seat and empowers you to get answers to your most pressing supply chain questions. Make data-driven decisions with confidence by getting the insights you need, when you need them most.


Avetta Analytics

When it comes to ensuring business continuity, decisions need to be made quickly and accurately. Avetta Analytics is the robust reporting and analytics engine that drives visibility of Avetta’s supply chain sustainability platform. It delivers critical, easy-to-understand insights to address your most urgent questions and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

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Report Templates

Hit the ground running with report and dashboard templates that were built using over a decade of customer feedback. Get immediate answers to the most common supply chain questions with best-practice reporting available at your fingertips.

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Intuitive Interface

Quickly and easily modify existing reports with an easy-to-use interface. Drag and drop functionality, undo/redo buttons, and dropdown menus empower you to easily edit existing analyses to answer your specific business questions.

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Analysis Builder

Explore your data on your terms and build custom analysis with the powerful and easy-to-use analysis builder. Discover new correlations and quickly find answers to specific business questions.

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Automatic Distribution

Keep the C-Suite and other key stakeholders informed by automatically generating and delivering insightful reports at specified time intervals. Recipients consistently receive up-to-date reports and dashboards delivered right to their inbox.


I work with Avetta because if means you don’t spend time collecting data. The work is done for you. You get to review it, you get to pick who you want to use and spend your time on more important things.

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Avetta Analytics Benefit Your Entire Organization

Risk Management

Reduce risk by working with only the safest, most sustainable suppliers for a stronger, more stable supply chain.

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Health & Safety

Pinpoint and address gaps in supply chain health & safety performance, and monitor performance metrics at the global and individual level for better business decisions.

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Contractor Management

Get the insights needed to establish better contractor and supplier requirements while strengthening your prequalification process.

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Connect Avetta Analytics to your procurement system for robust data that enables better procurement decisions and cost-adjusted risk assessment.

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Regularly extract supply chain compliance insights to proactively address risk indicators and stay ahead of compliance deficiencies.

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Corporate And Social Responsibility

Develop evidence-based supply chain sustainability initiatives and communicate the results of corporate CSR efforts with quantifiable outcomes.

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