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The Ultimate Compliance Service Offering

Vetify is a professional compliance service that manages your pre-qualification and client-specific documentation for you. Your personal compliance consultant will work to onboard your company in the Avetta platform to your client’s specific requirements—including PQF completion, on-going document management, insurance management, and variance assistance. Vetify also comes with annual updates and year-round maintenance & proactive account monitoring included, so you can focus on your work while we focus on your compliance.

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We’ll work with you to complete the Avetta Pre-Qualification Form (PQF) in one call.


We’ll complete and upload all required documents — OSHA logs, certificates of insurance, experience modification rate letters, and more.


We’ll work directly with your insurance broker to obtain policy information and update your Avetta account.


We’ll work directly with your client to facilitate variance requests.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

How long does it take to get to complete status?

New supplier onboarding typically takes a Vetify Compliance Consultant up to 7-days. The Supplier Annual Update typically takes a Vetify Compliance Consultant 24 hours to complete. Avetta research shows that suppliers self-completing the onboarding process requires up to 30-hours.

What information do you need from me to get started?

When you purchase the plan, our staff immediately compiles a Customized Compliance Checklist specific to your client’s requirements. We contact you within 24 hours to review that list.

What makes Vetify better?

We are connected to your client, so we can directly facilitate conversations with them on all kinds of challenges such as variance processes. Further, Vetify brings close to 15 years of experience in the compliance and safety space.

Will Vetify guarantee 100% compliance?

Your Vetify Compliance Consultant will complete all client-specific requirements on your behalf and ensure ongoing completion of open tasks on your Avetta account. If a variance request is required, your Vetify Consultant will facilitate that request with your client on your behalf. Get to Green and Green Update customers will enjoy this service during the onboarding or update process time period. Evergreen customers can take advantage of variance request facilitation year-round.

What if I have my own safety manual?

We will review and audit your existing safety manual, to ensure it complies with Client requirements as part of AuditGuard. We will also assist you with any required changes or additions as part of Vetify. Our service also includes customized safety manual templates, which you can add to your own manual to ensure compliance.

I have other questions about what the service includes. Who can I call?

Call 844-247-2564 between 9AM and 5PM PT, M-F for assistance.

How does Avetta access to my insurance information?

You will give permission to your Vetify representative to contact your insurance broker/agent on your behalf.

How much is ongoing maintenance after the first year?

Full price maintenance is $999 per year. Special early-bird rates of $499 are valid through 11/30/16.

What if my onboarding process is partially completed

Vetify can pick up where you’ve left off to expedite your completion. Call 844-247-2564 to speak to a specialist about pricing and timing.

Focus on the work that matters most. Get to green and stay green with Vetify.

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