Reduce Supplier Insurance Risk with InsureGUARD

Are your suppliers adequately insured in case of an incident? Who ultimately pays if something happens and your suppliers are not correctly insured? Without complete visibility, your company is exposed to high levels of risk. Protect your company and your suppliers with Avetta’s renowned insurance verification service, InsureGUARD.


Uncertain supplier insurance policy limits

Not knowing how well your suppliers are insured means your liability is unclear and your protection is unstable.


Supplier insurance verified with InsureGUARD

InsureGUARD gives you the assurance that your supply chain is properly insured for reduced risk and stable operations.


Avetta's insurance verification service features an intuitive document management system, automatic alerting, and is easily configured for client-specific requirements.

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Certificate of Insurance Upload and Verification

Certificate of Insurance
Upload and Verification

Suppliers can easily upload their certificates of insurance (COIs) to the InsureGUARD platform. Avetta insurance specialists thoroughly review all documentation and present the information so you can work with only those suppliers that are adequately insured.

Client-Defined Insurance Requirements

Stay in control. Define your specific insurance requirements for each site, job, and supplier type. No two companies are the same. Get a tailored solution that provides protection for your unique combination of risk tolerance and supplier risk levels.

Client-Defined Insurance Requirements
Automatic Alerts

Automatic Alerts

Never get caught off guard. InsureGUARD automatically notifies clients of changes in suppliers’ insurance status. It also alerts suppliers when their insurance is about to expire or when clients change their insurance requirements.

On-Going Support

Avetta insurance experts are always available to help you define and iterate your insurance requirements. They go beyond reporting supplier insurance levels; they help suppliers find the best ways to meet your requirements and protect themselves from liability.

On-Going Support

Insurance Verification Benefits Your Entire Organization



Reduce risk and protect your company by verifying proper levels of supplier insurance. Learn More


Make the right choice easy to identify with all supplier insurance information at your fingertips. Learn More


Enhance your company’s safety program with properly insured suppliers and protection against costly incidents. Learn More


Easily communicate and enforce your insurance requirements to all suppliers in your supply chain. Learn More


Work with only suppliers that have appropriate insurance coverage for a more stable supply chain. Learn More


Strengthen your company’s economic stability while ensuring suppliers are properly protected. Learn More

"Because of Avetta and our use of an improvement plan with our contractors, we were able to demonstrate more than 30% improvement—in just one year—for the health and safety performance of our contractors."

Bill Burket
EHS Compliance Coordinator,
Range Resources

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Avetta solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our pricing model considers both the number of suppliers under management and their associated risk profiles. To request a customized quote, please help us to understand your requirements by answering the questions in the form below.

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