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Safety Leadership and Engagement - How are You Driving Safety Culture Success?

On-Demand Webinar


It’s undeniable that workplace safety is a crucial component for a business to function. However, in a survey by EHS Daily Advisor 54% of respondents primarily view safety as “someone else’s job.” This climate of unclear accountability is part of the reason millions of workplace incidents occur every year.

With a demand for increased transparency from the market and higher penalties from regulating bodies, it’s not enough to assume employees or contractors will adhere to your expected safety outcomes. Safety is built through strong culture, which is created through strong leadership.

This webinar will highlight notable findings from Safety Leadership and Engagement, How are You Driving Safety Culture Success? – a survey of more than 550 safety and health professionals.

You’ll learn:

  • The current trends in culture
  • The top five ways employees participate in safety programs
  • The difference between a proactive safety culture and a reactive safety culture
  • Qualities of an effective safety leader
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