What to Do If a Tragic Accident Occurs in Your Workplace

On-Demand Webinar

Any industry has the potential to experience a tragic accident—that is, a serious incident resulting in serious injuries, or, worse, one or more fatalities. As safety professionals, we are tasked with preparing our organization for emergencies and protecting them from risks. All of this means that while it is not pleasant to consider, we must be prepared for serious injuries and even fatalities.

The actions taken in the immediate aftermath of a fatality or serious incident are crucial, not only to protect people, but also to ensure an effective investigation, notification of appropriate parties, support to those involved or affected, and protection of the organization in terms of risk, reputation and liability. Knowing what to do after a serious injury or fatality is invaluable and must be learned before one occurs.

Download this free on-demand webinar with Camille Oakes, President and CEO of Better Safety. In this webinar, Camille will walk-through practical guidance in the aftermath of a tragic accident—one that results in serious injuries, or fatalities. Attendees will learn best practices from real-life fatality responses.

Join us and you'll learn how to:

  • Develop and implement an emergency action plan and business continuity plan
  • Identify priorities in the immediate aftermath of a serious incident
  • Use risk assessment tools to determine the most likely serious incident or fatality in your own organization
  • Create a post-incident checklist for serious incidents and fatalities
  • Implement best practices from real-life scenarios