Webinar: Thought Leaders and Their Take on Safety Transformation, Culture, Sustainability and Engagement

On-Demand Webinar

Top thought leaders hone in on the critical elements that lead to achieving EHS excellence.

Speakers & Topics:

Eric Conn
Partner, Conn Maciel

What to Expect from Trump’s OSHA in the New Year
The Trump Administration has taken the reins at OSHA, and the first year of the new OSHA’s enforcement and regulatory (or de-regulatory) agenda is in the books. We have already seen significant changes in the way OSHA does business and the tools available to the Agency in its toolkit. Now, as the Trump Administration finishes filling out the OSHA leadership team with its own appointees, we are sure to see more shifting of enforcement priorities, budgets and policies, and an amplified effort to repeal or re-interpret controversial Obama Era OSHA rules and policies. This presentation will forecast for employers the changes and developments at OSHA employers can expect during this period of flux.

Carl W. Heinlein, CSP, ARM, CRIS
Senior Safety Consultant, American Contractors Insurance Group

Emerging Trends
Several emerging trends and issues will impact the occupational safety and health profession in 2018. This Ted-style talk will discuss the use of drones (UAV), new educational/training tools, the use of robots, new communication and tracking tools, driving safety resources and fatigue tracking devices, all of which will influence the practice of OHS in the coming years.

JA Rodriguez Jr., CSP, SGE
CEO, Make My Day Strategies LLC

What's up for the EHS profession in 2018 and beyond? More than meets the eye...
2018 is anticipated to be a big year for change. Future success will be achieved by adopting an enhanced mindset focused on anticipation, preparation, and action in regards to delivering excellence to both internal and external customers. The future of our EHS profession is in the capable hands of those who understand that we must evolve to the point of transformation at a rate slightly higher than the speed of business and of those who embrace a relentless drive to exceed mission requirements.

Danny Shields, CSP
Director of Industry Relations, Avetta LLC

Where Do We Find OHS Within the Sustainability Movement?
Although initially not recognized as an important aspect of sustainability, increasing occupational safety and health (OSH) and supply chain continuity and reliability have raised the profile of OSH in the sustainability conversation. In Danny’s presentation, you’ll learn how the pillars of sustainability—environmental, economic, and social factors—intersect with OSH.