Webinar: Safety's Sustainability Movement: The Link Between Worker Safety and Business Profits

On-Demand Webinar

Sustainability is more than just being green – it’s about protecting worker health and safety and ensuring a profitable business for years to come. Every day, more and more companies are recognizing that health and safety is what make’s businesses truly sustainable.

There are many ways to achieve sustainability. Investing, education, procurement, and reporting are all factors that focus on OSHA’s current efforts. According to an Aberdeen Group study, nearly 71 percent of sustainability strategy responsibility falls into the hands of the EHS team. Ultimately, long-term economic growth isn’t possible if it’s not socially and environmentally stable.

Joy Inouye of the National Safety Council’s Campbell Institute will discuss findings from a recent study on corporate sustainability and how Campbell Institute employees are incorporating suitability into their daily lives.

You’ll learn:

  • How to define and achieve sustainability
  • Why protecting worker safety is essential to business sustainability
  • How to tie in sustainability to business performance
  • How to improve sustainability efforts
  • How to recognize when your sustainability efforts have become successful


Joy Inouye
Research Associate
Campbell Institute, National Safety Council

Joy Inouye is the Research Associate for the Campbell Institute. She has worked on several research topics for the Institute including EHS leading indicators, risk perception, and contractor safety management. She is co-author of a recent journal article on leading indicators research and has co-presented on leading indicators at various conferences in the past year. The research on contractor safety has recently been featured in the BNA Occupational Safety and Health Reporter, the NIOSH Science Blog, and other online safety communities.