Webinar:Defuse Safety Complacency in the Workplace Like a Pro
Powerful Strategies to Ignite Your Safety Program

On-Demand Webinar

We have all seen it, heard it, and felt it. Monday is another Monday in different work week passing through one more year in an old decade. Everything is quiet and is expected to stay that way, after all, nothing has happened before.

In this fast-paced webinar we will broach the topic of how employees make the unsafe choices they do and why. Learn new strategies that reignite employee safety engagement in an otherwise flat safety program. Discover field-tested approaches that target your high-risk areas and converts them into safety program support centers of excellence including contractors and supplier vetting. Explore how consequential leadership plays a role in driving results and how you can convert the old “norm” into a powerfully refreshed and sustainable one.


J.A. Rodriguez
Founder & CEO, Make My Day Strategies LLC

J.A. Rodriguez Jr, is CEO of Make My Day Strategies LLC and Global Senior Leader of EHS for a Fortune 100 responsible for the design, deployment, implementation and assessment of industry leading EHS management systems in support of billions of dollars in contracts.