Best Practices for Returning to Work Safely and Effectively After COVID-19

Webinar Series: Post-Pandemic Planning with Ed Foulke

Many states have started the process for businesses to reopen. Employers need to be ready to address not only the safety and health of the workplace but also employment issues concerning a post-pandemic workplace. This webinar will discuss what changes need to be implemented and how employers can be ready for these tasks.

Learning Objectives:

  • Meeting state and federal requirements for reopening businesses
  • Navigating the end of Shelter in Place Orders
  • Implementing policies and procedures to protect employers as they return to full operation
  • Protocols for starting and continuing operation (including medical screening, cleaning, sanitation, and privacy issues)
  • Recognizing workplace changes that occurred during the pandemic
  • Providing the necessary testing, communication, training and documentation to returning employees
  • Identifying potential legal exposures (including lawsuits, OSHA inspections, whistleblower claims, EEOC complaints and Union activities)


ED FOULKE | Partner, Fisher & Phillips
TOM CECISH | CSP, CIH Strategic Board Advisor, Avetta