The Road to Recovery

Making Supply Chains Immune to Disruptions like COVID-19

Avetta White Paper

At present, both the duration and extent of the COVID-19 pandemic, are uncertain. But it is clear that its ramifications will continue to be felt even after the spread of the virus is contained. So, while leaders continue to acclimatize themselves and their teams to this ‘new normal’, they also need to start planning for the future, and start building a roadmap for recovery in a post-COVID world.

Supply chains all over the world have been thrown into disarray. But it has been especially brutal for organizations who lacked a clear understanding of their vulnerabilities. For them, the impact of the crisis may linger much longer. On the other hand, those with far-sighted leadership, robust support systems, and strong risk management capabilities, will find themselves better placed to weather the coronavirus storm. The supply chains of these enterprises will emerge stronger, more agile, leaner, and more responsive.

These qualities become lifeboats, especially as experts in the field postulate that such disruptions could become more common in the future.

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