Tackling the COVID-19 Outbreak in the Workplace | What Employers Need to Know?

Avetta White Paper

The COVID-19 pandemic is exposing workplaces to unforeseen health and safety risks. Companies across industries are facing serious financial and operational challenges, with everyone being tested in unique ways. In such circumstances, as an employer, your responsibilities lie in protecting your workers from workplace hazards while identifying and managing any emerging risks arising from the outbreak.

The fallout of the pandemic can be unsettling for any business, however, it shouldn’t induce panic. By being well-versed with the facts, you can play a critical role in responding to worker concerns while at the same time ensuring business continuity and avoiding worker safety penalties and legal mishaps.

In this white paper you'll find answers to the following questions helping you quickly plan and respond to the pandemic:

  • What are OSHA's guidelines?
  • What to do if an employee tests positive?
  • How to establish a clear contractor policy?