Recovery Readiness: A How to Guide for Reopening Your Workplace

Avetta White Paper

Recovery Readiness eBook Cover Image

Over the next several weeks and months, as areas stabilize from the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at- home restrictions are lifted, organizations will begin to bring workers back into the physical workplace. It’s already begun in some parts of the world. In fact, as of April 2020, Cushman and Wakefield has helped move their own employees, and those of their clients, back into more than 800 million square feet of properties globally.

The migration of a furloughed and Work From Home (WFH) workforce back to places of business will look different for every organization. The mix of returning employees will vary, and in some cases, a segment of the workforce may continue to work remotely. One thing is clear, however—the management of the process is without precedent.

Download this white paper to see the steps Cushman & Wakefield took to return to work safely and effectively.