Practical Guidance in the Wake of a Catastrophe: What to Do if a Tragic Accident Occurs at your Workplace

On-Demand Webinar Recording

This engaging and comprehensive presentation will walk attendees through the aftermath of a workplace catastrophe, resulting in the loss of a valued co-worker. This webinar will offer an in-depth, practical examination of what employers should do immediately after such an accident and will guide attendees through each step of this difficult process. Throughout the presentation, attendees will be provided practical, real-world scenarios regarding what occurs during this crucial time, including how to care for the employee’s family, improve safety, and the employer’s legal rights during an OSHA inspection and other legal claims that may arise, including references to many actual situations that have occurred after fatal accidents.

Following the webinar, attendees will have a better understanding of the following:

  • How to assess their workplace for hazards to prevent accidents from occurring
  • How to care for the family of the valued lost co-worker and other employees
  • What to do immediately following a fatal accident at their workplace
  • What legal claims may arise during this crucial time period
  • How to protect the company’s legal rights during the aftermath of a tragic accident
  • Step-by-step guidance on what to do in the days following the accident