After the Pandemic– How OSHA Will Inspect Your Workplace, Employees, and Contractors

Webinar Series: Post-Pandemic Planning with Ed Foulke

This is session #1 of the four-part webinar series, Post-Pandemic Planning with Ed Foulke, President of Fisher Phillips Safety Solutions & Previous Head of OSHA.

Since the start of the pandemic, OSHA has been severely restricted with conducting worksite inspections. When federal and state OSHA resume full operations, they will be focused on conducting a significant number of inspections. As a result, businesses can expect OSHA to be more aggressive about inspections and enforcement.

This webinar will provide attendees with a step-by-step discussion of the legal and practical process implicated when OSHA arrives for an inspection, how to define the scope of the inspection, and how to effectively assert your legal rights when OSHA is being unreasonable.

Learning Objectives:

  • The new emphasis area for post-pandemic OSHA inspections
  • Strategies for handling different types of OSHA inspections in order to avoid a large number of citations and penalties
  • How to formalize strategies for handling OSHA inspections company-wide
  • Ensuring that your managers, supervisors and employees all are aware of their legal rights during OSHA interviews


ED FOULKE | Partner, Fisher & Phillips
TOM CECISH | Strategic Board Advisor, Avetta