Game-Changing Tips for Contractor and Supplier Prequalification

Avetta White Paper

Several million independent contractors and suppliers go to work each day across the globe. The companies that hire them are put at risk the minute a supplier arrives at the workplace. A mistake or miscommunication between the owner/operator and supplier can result in catastrophic loss in terms of profit, the environment, or human life.

Establishing proper protocols is often the difference between a safely completed job and an unfortunate loss. It’s essential to ensure these workers are properly screened and safe to work at your facility.

What type of supplier prequalification system does your company have in place? Are you confident it effectively mitigates risk across your supply chain? In this quick-read PICS white paper, you’ll learn game-changing tips on how to:

  • Use objective criteria when evaluating suppliers
  • Go beyond quantifiable data
  • Create a standard prequalification form
  • Ensure proper inspection
  • Perform audits on your suppliers
  • And much more!

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