Business Continuity & Growth Special Report


Better use of data, holistic planning and a greater focus on people. These were among the lessons from the pandemic discussed by six experts* in a Raconteur virtual roundtable recently published in the Sunday Times.

This roundtable covers:

  • Has the coronavirus crisis made companies take business continuity more seriously?
  • What lessons are there for supply chains?
  • How does supply chain planning need to change?
  • Does business continuity planning have to start dealing with softer factors, more on the human side?

  • Contributors

    Rhys Bush, Vice president, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Avetta; Ahmad Alkhatib, Assurance business development director, BSI; Rich Cooper, Principal, financial services, Fusion Risk Management; Tim Janes, Chair Business Continuity Institute; Mary O’Connor, Chief risk officer KPMG UK; Jeroen Sourbron, Europe, Middle East and Africa sales director, Singlewire

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