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Supply Chain Risk Management for Facility Management Leaders

Don’t let supply chain disruptions burn your bottom-line.
• Streamline & automate contractor and supplier qualification and management
• Ensure safe work practices throughout your operations
• Satisfy sustainability targets with full supply chain sustainability
• Proactively manage supply chain cyber threats
Partner with Avetta to create a safe, risk-aware supply chain, while keeping operations running smoothly.
Client Results
TRIR Reduction
DART Reduction
LWCR Reduction

"Avetta has been a very solid and attentive partner to us and with us. While working through our implementation process, we worked very closely to configure it in a way that would make sense. When we had situations where things turned out differently than expected, the Avetta team was quick to address the situation. They were always ready to collaborate and find the best solution to move forward - for us and for our suppliers."


- Nada Sutic Vice President, Programs & Policy, QuadReal Property Group

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