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NEXT Insurance: Common Questions

By Avetta Marketing
October 27, 2021
3 minutes
Get NEXT Insurance
  1. Who is NEXT Insurance?
    • NEXT is a leading provider of business insurance for small businesses.  NEXT has helped 250,000+ business in the United States (US) find affordable insurance.
    • NEXT is dedicated 100% to small business offering tailored business insurance with zero hassle, and big savings. They have several insurance products across 2,500+ business categories.
  2. I already have insurance. Why should I look into NEXT? How are they different?
    • NEXT specializes in serving small businesses such as general contractors, electricians, commercial cleaners, and many others.
    • Avetta suppliers have diverse insurance needs that vary over time as they sign up new clients or take on new projects. Suppliers can get an instant online quote in less than 10 minutes using this link and without having to speak with a call center agent.
  3. How is Avetta working with NEXT Insurance?
    • Avetta is not a broker/agent of NEXT insurance
    • Avetta is partnering with NEXT to offer insurance to its US-based suppliers working outside of the telecommunication industry (i.e., Suppliers).
    • Avetta launched the offering on September 13th, 2021. And, many Suppliers have already taken advantage of this opportunity to generate quotes. Avetta Suppliers can instantly see the full range of insurance products made available through NEXT’s online platform.
  4. Can I continue working with my insurance agent/broker to purchase from NEXT?
    • Yes. Suppliers can continue to purchase business insurance through their agent by asking the agent to contact NEXT and assist with a quote.
    • In addition, Suppliers can use NEXT’s innovative online tools to generate a quote, purchase insurance, and instantly download their Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  5. What happens when I have to submit a claim?
    • Whether you are purchasing a new policy, need proof of insurance after office hours or want to file a claim on the weekend, NEXT available anytime, anywhere, 365 days of the year. They are 100% online.
    • NEXT makes sure claims are investigated as soon as possible, with many being decisioned within 48 hours.
    • NEXT is rated “A- Excellent” by AM Best, the industry standard for rating insurance companies. Their policies are backed by MunichRe and are issued by either NEXT Insurance US company or State National Insurance Company, Inc., depending on the state and type of coverage.
  6. My insurance needs are unique, can NEXT fulfill them?
    • NEXT provides insurance coverages to meet your unique needs. The most common include:
    1. General Liability Insurance
    2. Workers' Compensation Insurance
    3. Professional Liability Insurance
    4. Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance
    5. Commercial Auto Insurance
    6. Commercial Property Insurance
    7. Business Owner's Policy (BOP)
    8. Hired & Non-Owned Auto Insurance
    9. Tools & Equipment Insurance
    10. Business Insurance
  7. Where can I go for more information about NEXT?
    • All Avetta suppliers can access NEXT products for quotes using this link.

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