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Avetta wprowadziła rozwiązanie do zarządzania pracownikami ! Czytaj więcej

Zaktualizowaliśmy naszą politykę prywatności, aby zapewnić ciągłą przejrzystość i zagwarantować zgodność z naszymi działaniami biznesowymi. Tutaj zapoznasz się z naszą zaktualizowaną polityką prywatności.

Avetta’s New-Age Solution


The client designs, installs, maintains, and operates tailored technical systems for energy and digital networks, mechanical and electrical (M&E) and HVAC engineering, and facility management for customers in 25 countries, including France, Canada, the U.K., and Switzerland. The company focuses on sustainable living and working environments through its expertise in smart city services, buildings, and infrastructure, and by help

For its operations in the U.K., the client had different processes for supplier selection, management, and assessment across its business units, and some of those processes had conspicuous gaps. For instance, as part of supplier onboarding, the operations staff found it difficult to obtain up-to-date information about each supplier’s capabilities, service offerings, and project and safety performance. Oftentimes, employees had to rely on email chains and conversations to obtain current supplier information.

They needed analytics-driven supplier insights that could make onboarding of suppliers not only easier and faster, but also more transparent and purposeful, under a seamless, flexible system.