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Avetta wprowadziła rozwiązanie do zarządzania pracownikami ! Czytaj więcej

Zaktualizowaliśmy naszą politykę prywatności, aby zapewnić ciągłą przejrzystość i zagwarantować zgodność z naszymi działaniami biznesowymi. Tutaj zapoznasz się z naszą zaktualizowaną polityką prywatności.

Avetta Health and Safety Performance Indicators: Safety Benchmark Data 2022



Every year, almost 2.78 million workers die from work-related illness and accidents. This translates to an alarming 7,500 individuals succumbing to unsafe and unhealthy workplace conditions every single day.

The economic repercussion of this is overwhelming as well. According to research the total cost of workplace injuries, fatalities, and illnesses adds up to a whopping 3.94 percent of the global GDP, or $2.99 trillion. The human costs are higher of course, especially when the impact of an injury or death on family, friends and colleagues are considered.

In the face of this grim reality, organizations need to cultivate a safety culture which has a more demonstrated commitment to employees. It’s equally important to revisit worker safety as a critical on-the-job priority beyond productivity and the organizational bottom-line.

In this white paper, we provide:

  • An analysis of health and safety key performance indicators
  • Performance data based on region
  • Performance data based on industry
  • Recommendations to make your supply chain safer