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Modern Slavery in Canada | The Impact on Global Supply Chains

White Paper
White Paper


Despite the magnitude and severity of risks that modern slavery poses, Canada has largely been an outlier in addressing the issue. As a result, Canada lags many of its trading partners by a long mile in addressing modern slavery practices within supply chains. While the Nevsun Resources judgment marks a significant milestone in Canada’s battle against modern slavery practices, it is an exception to the country’s long history of ineffective legislation.

The introduction of House of Commons Bill C-423 was the first proactive attempt by Canadian lawmakers to fight modern slavery. Introduced in December 2018, Bill C-423 followed in close succession to a report issued by the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, International Development (FAAE), and the Subcommittee on International Human Rights. The report, titled “A Call to Action: Ending the Use of all Forms of Child Labour in Supply Chains”, studied the presence of child labor in Canadian supply chains, especially in Southeast Asia.

This white paper will discuss:

  • Canada's approach to tackling modern slavery
  • The prevalence of modern slavery in Canada
  • Tips for companies
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