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Securing remote operations across Mining & Forestry supply chains

Avetta offers a single platform where you can minimize remote contractor risk, protect your company’s reputation, and gain a clear view of your supply chain.  

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How Avetta helps the Mining & Forestry industry manage risk in remote worksites

Without Avetta

Supplier improvement is slow and risk stays prevalent

With companies on a more visible stage, safety and sustainability improvements are mercilessly watched by key stakeholders. A single slip up can result in reputational loss and legal repercussions.

Without Avetta
With Avetta

Supply chain improvement becomes a standard for your business

Avetta makes it easy to instill sustainability and safety values into your supply chain. Through prequalification, audits, and assessments, you gain complete visibility into areas of opportunity and risk.

With Avetta

Remote jobsites increase risk and operational setbacks

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Any remote location brings volatility

Everyday supply chain risk management is tough enough, but when operations are conducted at dangerous remote locations, these challenges increase dramatically.  

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Corporate responsibility matters

Even in isolated areas, Mining & Forestry operators are not exempt from taking on corporate social responsibility initiatives; thinking otherwise will hurt a company in the long run.   

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Cost unpredictability threatens margins

Mining & Forestry organizations must plan ahead and stay agile, all while protecting margins; however, attempting to do more with less can open up companies to additional risk.   

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It’s hard to track mass data

Analytics and data are changing the industry, but most organizations can’t track the terabytes of data it takes to optimize their business, which hurts productivity.  

Risk Assessment

Is there hidden risk in your supply chain? 

Get a free risk assessment from Avetta.

A cloud-based solution built for remote supply chains

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A remote-friendly platform

Avetta’s supply chain risk management solution helps Mining & Forestry firms put stringent policies in place to mitigate risk in dangerous, remote environments.   

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Adherence to corporate social responsibility

We help operators ensure their third-party suppliers are compliant with set requirements based on corporate social responsibility policies and government mandates. 

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Agile supply chains and healthy margins

Avetta’s platform offers visibility into the suppliers on your books, making it easy to optimize workflows, maintain margins, cut costs and keep pace with an ever-changing industry.  

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A solution that can track all the data

Effectively manage data-driven operations with a platform built for contractor prequalification, document management, auditing, insurance verification and business intelligence.  

Find Mining & Forestry Suppliers on the Avetta Network

The Avetta platform provides access to a roster of industry-leading professionals, vetted and verified to meet your team’s standards.

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