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We surveyed 400+ safety professionals on diversity in the supply chain. Here's what they had to say

How to place the member badge on your website

We recommend working with your website developer to add the Avetta Member Badge to your site.

  1. Download the member badge in the option you prefer, full color or grayscale.
  2. Upload the image to your site.
  3. Link the badge back to


Alternatively, you can simply embed the following code onto your site where you want the badge to display.


<a href="">

<img alt="avetta-member-badge" src="">


<a href="">

<img alt="grayscale-avetta-member-badge" src="">




On-Demand Webinar
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One of the things that I utilize Avetta for is a marketing opportunity, targeting customers within Avetta that would already be qualified for if we were simply associated with them.
Kurt Southerland, Regional Safety Director, United Rentals