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Avettaではプライバシーポリシーを更新して、透明性の維持、および社内の事業運営とビジネス慣行との整合化を図りました。更新されたプライバシーポリシー はこちらでご覧いただけます。

Transforming Supply Chain Risk Management with Mobility


A recent research report from Business Continuity Institute stated that 41.9% of organizations experienced one to five supply chain disruptions in 2019. While supply chain disruptions are alarming enough on their own, this report revealed that 32.6% of cases occurred with the organization unable to identify or analyze the original source of conflict.

Given this scenario, it’s critical for companies to not only enhance the visibility of their in-house operations but also their supplier and contractor network. The ability to rightly map and understand supply chain interdependencies across the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of suppliers can help an organization maintain profitability while upholding safe and sustainable business practices.

This white paper will discuss:

  • How to bring supply chain risk management to the fingertips
  • What mobility in the supply chain looks like
  • A real example of an organization doing it well