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About Insurate

We are an insurance technology provider that uses data science to better understand how businesses operate. With our superior analytics, we create new insurance products designed to protect the safest businesses, providing them with fair pricing and reliable coverage.

Reliable insurance for safe companies

Free Quotes

Customized quotes based on your business performance not your industry

Learn how Insurate can optimize insurance for your business by speaking with a work comp expert at your convenience.

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Insurate Safety Index

The Insurate Safety Index (ISI) is your company’s specific workers’ compensation risk rating translated from hundreds of data points

Insurate uses ISI scoring to identify the top tier of specialty insurance risk profiles – a category Insurate has trademarked as “Safe-Tier™” businesses. The insurate platform identifies Safe-Tier™ businesses by category, size and region and matches these findings against the specific appetite of Insurate’s work comp insurers like Liberty Mutual, AmTrust, Encova and other leading national brands.

No Hassle Claims

Our goal is for you to get back to what’s essential, focusing on your business

We understand that no matter how safe you are accidents still happen so when you need to file a claim we have a dedicateOur goal is for you to get back to what’s essential, focusing on your business.


Insurate's Partners

liberty mutual

Products to save you money and protect employee wellbeing

Workers Compensation

Aligning risk and rate through data science

Through our Safe-Tier™ algorithms, we’ve developed reimagined products and pricing to help your business save money and protect your employees. Insurate’s products are priced based on your company’s actual safety results so the safer you are, the more you save.


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Comp Care™ Hospitalization Coverage

Protecting businesses and people during uncertain times

Get admitted, receive cash, and enjoy peace of mind. It's hospitalization insurance for unprecedented times. Comp Care™ covers the unknown by providing an additional layer of healthcare and financial protection for both employers and their people. With an illness or injury that requires hospitalization, employees can receive up to $13k in cash paid directly to them. With cash for out-of-pocket expenses not covered by major medical, Comp Care™ creates a new safety net for employees and their families at a fraction of the cost of legacy hospital indemnity programs.


comp care

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Insurate better understands your business

We want your business to thrive so we offer complimentary programs that provide additional protection for your people that you can utilize at your convenience.

insurate nurse


Real-time tele-medicine support for all employees.

insurate hr

Virtual Safety Training

An online portal with safety tools, training, and resources to improve workplace safety, protect property, and prevent accidents. This includes OSHA compliance standards, drug-free workplace and return to work resources.

insurate safety

Live HR Support

We provide all customers access to a certified Human Resources professional whenever you have questions on employee issues, COVID-19 response, or even employment law situations.

insurate cashflow

Cashflow Protection

Stop paying static premiums for work comp. Insurate provides companies with $0 deposit, $0 collateral, and Pay as You Use options.

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Instant Certificates Of Insurance

Get certificates upon the issuance of policies immediately and at any time.

Common Questions

What does Insurate do? Insurate is the next-generation insurance company that leverages data science and analytics to assign risk appropriately. Our mission is to listen to our customers needs and create products and services that work in their best interest.

How is Insurate relevant to me as an Avetta Member? Becoming an Avetta member proves that your company is safe, and we built Insurate with the aim to make safe companies gain significant savings on their annual workers comp policy, because you deserve it.

How do I get a work comp quote? Call 1-(848)-INSURATE or schedule an appointment to speak with a work comp expert by clicking here.

What is Comp Care™? Comp Care™, a hospitalization insurance, is broadened financial protection for your employees above and beyond the benefits provided by Work Comp.  It provides reimbursement for expenses related to hospitalization, whether the hospitalization was caused by work related occurrences or not. 

Why does our business need Comp Care™? Unprecedented times have changed the way in which we interact with our workforce.  Employees working beyond their homes have developed heightened awareness of the financial implications of being hospitalized.  Comp Care™ provides the first broadening of Work Comp coverage in the marketplace, specifically designed to address this concern.

How much does Comp Care™ cost? As little as $9.75 per employee, per month.

Can some employees enroll into Comp Care™ and others opt out? No, 100% of employees are covered by the plan, in the same fashion as workers compensation needs to cover the entire workforce.

We are partnering with Avetta for our new Compliance Management Program. The Avetta network has 100,000 suppliers globally who benefit from the convenience of a supply chain risk management platform Learn more.

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