Supply Chain Management Solutions for the Utilities / Energy Industry

Avetta understands the unique regulatory needs of energy and utility supply chain managements organizations, and delivers a platform that promotes sustainable business practices.

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Benefits of Supply Chain Management Software

If you’re looking for a company with years of experience in electric energy supply chain management or utilities inventory management, Avetta is the best choice. Our knowledge of the supply chain in the power sector is unmatched, and we’ll apply that knowledge to help your company grow.

Our cloud-based technology facilitates more streamlined energy supply chain management software, allowing you to maximize your time and resources like never before. Contact us to learn more about how our SaaS subscription software is helping energy companies across the globe.

Identify Supply Chain Risks and Safety Issues Early

Identify Energy Supply Chain Risks and Safety Issues Early

The modern supply chain is intricate, varied, and sometimes disorganized. No two organizations look alike, which can make it difficult to know where hidden risks lie.

Don’t wait until an incident occurs to evaluate your suppliers. Instead, with Avetta, get full visibility into contractor qualifications and compliance, helping you close the gaps and prevent unnecessary risks. Receive a personalized report on where risks might lie in your organization.

Automate into Higher Revenue

Automate into Higher Revenue

Make your job easier and impress the boss, what’s not to love about that? With advancements in technology, energy supply chain compliance is now easier to validate than ever before.

Unfortunately, too many businesses hold back from implementing these contractor management best practices resulting in costly delays and regulatory penalties. On the other side, Avetta clients recognize a significant ROI, upwards of 265%, and average 54% lower recordable incidents. Learn for yourself how automating supply chain compliance can propel you into higher revenues.

Integrate Sustainable Practices

Integrate Sustainable Practices

In today’s age, consumers are intimately invested in corporate sustainability and transparency, so you should be too. Not knowing what is going on in your energy supply chain is no longer an excuse for any organization.

Businesses have to be proactive in integrating sustainable practices across every tier of their supply chain. Through Avetta’s configurable contractor management solutions you’re able to ensure your requirements are met by every supplier you employ.

Discover Supplier Partnerships

Discover Supplier Partnerships

A strong supplier is integral for a strong supply chain. That’s why Avetta helps you develop and maintain those relationships through our supplier reports solution. Record which suppliers are performing well time and time again and reward them with more purchase orders and projects.

Need to find a worker on short notice? As a member of the Avetta network, you get access to over 90,000 suppliers and contractors around the world, helping to avoid project delays and budget problems.

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Our Key Energy / Utilities Partners

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Avetta Case Study
EPCOR Utilities

  • Founded 1897
  • Located in Canada
  • 700 Contractors

EPCOR Utilities Inc. is a utility company that builds, owns, and operates electrical, natural gas, and water transmission and distribution networks, water and wastewater treatment facilities, sanitary and stormwater systems, and infrastructure in Canada and the U.S.

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Ensured consistent and thorough vetting of all contractors to meet safety, quality, and insurance requirements
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Streamlined vetting process and reduced risk
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Reduced repetitive administrative tasks, enabling employees to focus on more strategic tasks
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Provided visibility for leadership to make informed decisions about potential issues and risks

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